The Process

All pieces are created using the lost wax casting technique in which a design is carved out of wax and a mold is made from the wax model. Once the mold is ready, the wax melts out of the mold and a metal is injected into the mold to create a metal copy of the wax design. Molds can even be created around organic material if it is sturdy enough to withstand the process. 

The image above shows a before and after comparison of the Ravenna cuff. First, made in wax and Ravenna grass, the wax model is then cast into bronze.


All jewelry is carved and finished by hand in San Francisco. Casting is outsourced to amazing, small casting businesses in New York City as well as local casters in San Francisco. We strive for environmentally friendly practices and to only work with other small businesses and artists who have the same philosophy.