Jewelry Care

All CC Ritual jewelry is produced responsibly with high quality metals and stones.  To maintain quality, all jewelry should be stored properly in a dry environment, out of direct sunlight. Avoid spraying or rubbing perfumes or lotions directly onto jewelry or wearing jewelry in water, while exercising, or sleeping. Plated jewelry can wear quickly if not properly taken care of. A patina can naturally occur overtime and can be cleaned with a polishing cloth or lightly scrubbed with warm water and baking soda. Base metals can cause "greening" on the skin which is a natural reaction to the body's PH levels. Coating the piece with a lacquer can help with this. A brief description of different metal qualities are listed below.


Gold Plate -- a base metal, such as steel or brass, coated in a thin layer of gold. If not properly taken care of, gold plated jewelry can fade.

Gold Vermeil -- sterling silver that has been dipped in at least 10-14k of gold. It is more affordable compared to gold filled pieces and can be worn by people with sensitive skin. It is much more durable than gold plated items, but can tarnish over long periods of time without proper care.

Gold Fill -- these items are not actually filled with gold. They are made of a base metal, usually brass or copper, covered by a thick sheet of gold. They contain 100+ times the amount of gold used in gold plated items and are super durable and tarnish resistant.

Sterling Silver -- silver is a fine metal, but can oxidize naturally over time. A simple way to clean and shine silver is with a polishing cloth or with warm water and scrubbing gently with baking soda. 

Each of my products will list what kind of metal components they are made of. If you like a design, but would prefer a different metal, please email us at Prices may vary.


If you require a repair for a jewelry piece, please contact us at for repair requests. If possible, please include a photograph of the damage. All repairs requested within 30 days of receipt will be free of charge with the exception of a shipping fee. After 30 days, repair fees will depend on the scale of the repair.


We are not responsible for any broken or lost stones, however please contact us if you'd like a stone replaced. 



Please email us at for any custom requests.