Hi, I'm Chrissy!

I've always had a fascination for all things fantasy, paranormal, and otherworldly. I strive to find this in my work. Using raw gemstones and casting organic elements allows me to imbue the magic of our natural world into my jewelry. It is important to me that the imperfections that occur when a piece is handmade are visible in my work. I want each piece to reflect the time, struggle, and individual attention that went into creating it. These imperfections tell a story and carry the history of the experiences and emotions that I had when I designed it. And as the piece is passed along, it collects new stories. Jewelry carries personal history and that is magical.

For these stories to continue, we have a responsibility to practice sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of living. I fully support any effort to lessen the negative impacts we have on our planet, and this extends to my business as well. I practice green methods of production whenever possible and use ethically sourced stones and recycled metals in my work. 



After studying costume design at Sarah Lawrence College, Chrissy moved to New York City where she began her first foray into jewelry in the form of an apprenticeship with jewelry designer, Emilie Shapiro. Many of Chrissy's first pieces of jewelry were created on a TV tray table in a closet sized room in Chinatown. Chrissy currently resides in San Francisco and works as Production Manager for Mashka Jewelry. She is taking local business classes at City College and still creating jewelry - now on an actual workbench in her home studio.